2015-2016 GSPS Executive Board Open Positions


2015-2016 GSPS Executive Board Open Positions


Secretary: Role is to record and distribute minutes at our monthly meetings, handle all official correspondences, and manage the email/social media accounts.

Fundraising chair: Responsibilities include reaching out to various departments around campus and seeking donations for funds that are used to support GSPS events (travel expenses for speakers, catering for events, etc.) and updating the executive board on the progress made at the monthly GSPS meetings.

Post-doc chair: A representative member of the University’s science post-docs, involved in the planning of GSPS events. Responsibilities include attending monthly GSPS meetings and assisting with the recruitment of additional post-docs to the association.

Teaching chair: A liaison between the University and GSPS. Responsibilities include attending monthly meetings with University Administrators (such as the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning), as well as advisement of Graduate School/University events that relate to teaching. Previous teaching experience is recommended but not required. Significant flexibility in determining his/her role because this is such a new position! Must also attend monthly GSPS meetings.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Kristy Zera at kzera@uga.edu.